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Gluten free and eggless cake recipes   
We are a small business with only one production area, and unfortunately cannot guarantee that ANY of our products are totally free from gluten, egg, milk, soya or nuts, as these are all used daily as ingredients, or appear in ingredients we use.We regularly use ground hazelnuts (in fruit cake) and chopped walnuts (in carrot cake only), and occasionally have other nuts on the premises (pecans, almonds etcetera, particularly at Christmas.  We are not aware of any form of peanut appearing in any of our ingredients. However, many of the ingredients we buy contain the non-specific warning ' may contain nuts' which we must therefore pass on to our customers.When making specially baked to order 'no nuts' fruit cake, or eggless sponge cakes, every possible precaution is taken to avoid cross contamination.
However, the same limitations still apply as we are a small business and all products are baked in the same area. We strongly recommend that these products are not suitable for those with severe allergies, particularly with nuts, as there is an inevitable risk of cross contamination by airborne particles which we can never completely eliminate. 
We can also offer dairy free cakes for vegetarian customers in a variety of flavours and frostings. Unfortunately, new tighter rules on permissible, trace levels of gluten in products marketed as 'gluten free' make it almost impossible for small bakeries such as ours to produce genuinely gluten free cakes but we do use gluten free products.
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